Simple and Transparent Pricing.

We, at E3 like to give it to you straight. Pricing is site based, we don’t do any licensing or device registration. Unlimited Users and Unlimited Devices. We want you to use everything you have to stay safe.  

Government Plan

*Contact for Pricing
  • Scope In or Scale Out
  • Notify Custom Group(s)
  • Secured Messaging
  • Smart Maps
  • More...

Public Plan

*Contact for Pricing
  • Instant Notifications
  • Secured Messaging
  • Smart Maps
  • Reporting and Plans
  • More...

B2B Plan

*Contact for Pricing
  • Smart Maps Indoor/Outdoor
  • Near-Miss Forms
  • Report Generation
  • Critical Notifications
  • More...
What’s Included

All packages come with the following:

24×7 phone, chat, and email support

Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance

Fast onboarding and easy training

Training on drills, schedules, and common scenarios

Admin access on data reporting and insights for past incidents

Manage everything in our app

What you can expect to see on your invoice

Onboarding Pricing Fee. Subscription Fee.

Let's break it down

Emergent 3 App pricing


One-time Cost

Emergent 3 App pricing


Annual Recurring

Your Questions

E3 Pricing FAQ’S

When will I be invoiced?

By default, invoices are sent out from the original signature date on the agreement. However, feel free to reach out to set up a custom date. Learn More

How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding depends on how fast you get us those maps and user lists. Generally, we can have everything set up in 3-5 business days then after that we schedule trainings! Learn More

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. We only bill you for onboarding and subscription costs. However, if you need help with any custom integrations or would like additional on-site trainings, reach out for a pricing list. Learn More

Can you help me after onboarding?

You bet! We will do our best to support you and your team(s) after implementation. We would be very sad if our app just sat on the shelf and collected dust. So, to avoid that we offer remote trainings and drills. Learn More

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