Securing Schools with the Best School Safety App

How Emergent 3 (E3) Stands Out

Discover why Emergent 3 (E3) shines as the top school safety app. Explore its active communication, customizable alerts, and user-friendly features. Learn how E3’s innovation and affordability make it the go-to choice for schools prioritizing robust safety solutions. Dive into E3’s unique advantages today!

Active 2-Way Communication: 

E3 offers active, two-way communication during emergencies, setting it apart from competitors who primarily use one-way mass text or email systems. This feature ensures smoother and clearer communication between all parties involved, enhancing coordination during crises. 

Customizable Alerts and Plans: 

E3 provides fully customizable alerts and emergency plans, catering to specific needs within schools and other institutions. The app allows for tailored alerts, both internal and external, along with customizable emergency plans like lockdown procedures, ensuring adaptability in various crisis situations. 

For further details on tailored school safety measures and crisis management strategies advocated by the National Association of School Psychologists.

User-Friendly Interface and Muscle Memory Building: 

E3 emphasizes ease of use and day-to-day application for different emergencies, from lockdowns to unexpected events like a “Moose on the loose.” This approach helps build emergency response muscle memory among users, distinguishing it as a practical and user-friendly solution.

Cost-Effectiveness and Superior Support: 

E3 stands out for its affordability compared to competitors and its commitment to providing solid customer support. Its cost-effective nature and dedication to easing the onboarding process for new users make it a favorable choice among institutions looking for effective yet budget-friendly safety solutions. Learn more about E3’s support and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, E3 from Emergent 3 isn’t just a school safety app; it’s a complete safety solution. Experience the difference in safety preparedness with E3’s active communication, customizable features, and user-friendly design. Join the league of institutions prioritizing safety—explore E3 today and safeguard your school community effectively! Click here to Contact us.

Learn how Emergent 3 school safety software stands out. Boys and girls walking to school with colorful backpacks.
Learn how Emergent 3 school safety software stands out. Boys and girls walking to school with colorful backpacks.

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