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E3 is designed to scale up, down and sideways through your organization’s structure. Additionally, you can seamlessly loop in the right external groups (first responders, security, etc) to any emergency. 

E3: Quality Crisis Management Software
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Solving Problems

E3’s real-time dashboard shows you what’s happening in your organization in real time. You’ll be able to see where resources are needed and who needs them most, so you can make informed decisions quickly.
Emergent 3: Quality Crisis Management Software
Our Process

E3 - Public Safety App are always learning


Planning is the first step to prevention. Don't wait until it's too late. E3 enables organizations to plan properly.


With our app, organizations can take control of a crisis with real-time and streamlined communications.


E3 helps organizations to reduce response time and increase reaction time during any emergency, large or small.

Our Promise

You're covered by E3 from every angle

Emergent 3: Public Safety App
Emergent 3: Public Safety App

Quality you can trust. All products are developed by our professional services team with decades of experience in software, compliance and safety.

The initial goal of Emergent Public Safety App is to improve the quality of life by helping people prepare for and manage crises.

We continuously strive to find new ways to help more people in need each day. Designed with the input of emergency management professionals, E3 is a tool that lets you manage your plans and alerts during any type of event.

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