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Why people choose us

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Designed to be navigated during stressful situations, E3 is intuitive and easy to use for all types of users.
Pioneering Safety. Read More

Emergent 3 App


Easy and painless onboarding. From large enterprises to small local organizations we have a plan for easy onboarding. Read More

Emergent 3 App


Customer support is what we do best. We understand that the product is only as good as the team behind it. Read More

Emergent 3 App


We will work with you to help setup your facilities. We are happy to share resources that benefit everyone involved. Read More

Do your job better with E3

Supercharge your emergency resources and infrastructure by integrating them into E3. 
Let us do the heavy lifting for setup and onboarding, then we will work as a team for continual improvements. 

Emergent 3

Desktop. Mobile. Tablet. No Problem.

We have native apps available on all devices on all platforms. This allows you to send, receive and manage alerts from your office, patrol car, command center, home, parking lot, etc. No matter where you are or what device you’re on, E3 will be there.

Emergent 3 App
Global Scale

Scope In or Scale Out During an Emergency

E3 allows for alerts to travel up or down the chain of command.  Preset individual alerts to notify the appropriate team(s). However, we know situations can change on the fly, so you can escalate and manage alerts. 

Local Team(s)

Setup custom teams from within your organization.

Site Wide

Send an alert to notify all employees located at a site.


Send an alert to cascade down to all sites within your organization.

Mass Alert

From the top down, notify all users, sites and organizations (similar to Amber Alerts).

Emergent 3 App

Everyone that Matters

E3 instantly connects the appropriate teams during an emergency. Select default team(s) to be connected during specified alert types. Feel free to loop right teams during a live emergency as well. 

Our Pricing

Affordable pricing plans

Government Plan

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  • Scope/Scale Alerts
  • Notify Select Group(s)
  • Real-time Chat
  • Interactive Maps
  • More...

Education Plan

*Contact for Pricing
  • Custom Alerts
  • Instant Notifications
  • Real-time Chat
  • Interactive Maps
  • Reporting and Plans
  • More...

B2B Plan

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  • Custom Alerts
  • Near-Miss Forms
  • Report Generation
  • Indoor/Outdoor Maps
  • More...