The why behind Emergent 3

The problems the world is facing today from natural disasters, pandemics, terrorism, bomb threats, active shooters and other crises and emergencies require innovative strategies and advanced technology solutions in order to respond and mitigate these impacts within our public, private, and educational institutions.



As denoted by our name, Emergent 3’s mission is developing innovative technology solutions to help organizations respond to emergencies safeguarding institutions and companies most valuable resources; you, family, staff, employees, and the general public.

Thought Leaders

In addition to transforming safety management solutions, our goal is to cast light on emerging threats by leading and inviting thought leadership within the public and private sectors to enhance awareness and collaboration aimed at keeping our communities safer.


Safety and Emergency planning is paramount for any crises, so it is important to get it done right. We are proud that our clients trust us with this responsibility. Learn More


Our team and software have tremendous uptime. Something around 99.99999% of the time we are never down 😃 Learn More

Fast Work

We understand time is of the essence. Whether it is onboarding, customer service or training we respect your time and we will always work fast and diligent. Learn More

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Emergent 3 - More than Software

We at Emergent 3, engage and interact with a lot of great people and organizations and we are constantly learning and gathering information like best safety practices, lockdown Do’s and Don’ts, and emergency plans/resources, etc.  So please feel free to reach out and we would be more than happy to share our collective resources and knowledge to keep you and your teams safer.